After release of her latest album LVL5 P1, an Atlanta rapper Bkterula walks the runway for Movalola in their fashion show.

Today, the average musician is rarely just that. Most are polymaths – from Solange, who is now traversing the realms of songwriting and interdisciplinary performance, to Saweetie, Joey Bada$ or Little Simz, exploring other disciplines in the arts, such as acting. For Atlanta rapper Bktherula, her expansion beyond music came by invitation. She will land in the UK for London Fashion Week and will model for Nigerian designer Mowalola.

Aside from being a runway model, the 20-year-old describes herself as an artist whose boundaries extend far beyond the world of rap. “I’m just an artist, man,” she declares when we meet at London’s Shoreditch House. “A rapper, yes, but an artist overall. I sing, and I’m inspired by other aspects of this. There’s so much more outside of music, too.” Still, Bktherula will always find a way to tie musical output into the equation. While talking about her plans to invite friend and collaborator Rico Nasty to a fashion party later that Friday night, she reveals that she’ll be performing a live set.

Called Brooklyn Candida Rodriguez off-stage, or outside of the booth, Bktharula grew up in Atlanta and was drawn to physics in late high school. It was there that she adopted the concept for her latest project, LVL5 P1. “You know there’s the third dimension and the fourth, well, this project is about existing and being here bro, but also not, being in another state. Here, but not really,” she explains